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Our purpose is to function as a single source for a variety of supplies support services associated with raw materials and finished products used by manufacturers.

Our strategy is to create a cultural link between suppliers and their end-users. Leading edge suppliers that utilize our services will position themselves for long term contracts with their existing customers, creating opportunities to achieve significant additional sales growth.

We have seven major divisions:
1. Packaging materials. An integrated materials facility. "All your packaging needs under one roof concept".

  • wooden pallets
  • corrugated boxes, cardboard sheets, partitions,etc.
  • custom made packaging ( PS, PU, PE foams ).
  • stretch film, plastic bags, labels, peanuts, liners.

2. Recycling plastics. We first started recycling our own scrap from the injection molding machines, primarily the EPS (expandable polystyrene). Later on we realized the need for somebody to take care of all the scraps that most maquiladoras were generating and causing them an environmental problem. We also saw the need to segregate and recycle, in a professional manner, several thermoplastics.

3. Dismantling excess inventory and rework finished products. We have done more than 600,000 items in the last year to several customers in the area. We became an official recycler for companies such as TRW and Ogden Atlantic Design. We have been working with LTCP Inc. in some trial runs.

4. Quality Assurance. We provide a service which includes checking components individually, so when the parts get to their final destination the customer can be 100% sure they will be approved. (No more rejects!)
      We do this through an SPC, or any other technique that will fit our customer's needs. Our customer has the option of having the rejected parts returned to them or letting us provide with the service of disposing it at a minimum charge at our recycling division.

5. Shelter programs. We have been involved in some serious subcontracting in areas such as electronics, upholstery, textiles, amenities, automotive, and packaging food products for the last five years.

6. Third party warehousing. This is a relatively new option for our clients where we offer to handle their inventory. By this we mean storage and delivery of the inventory provided by our client's suppliers so that they don't have to worry about this aspect of their business.

7. Reconditioning. By this we mean, that we recuperate products that have been returned by a customer, either to package them as a finished product so that they can be resold, or to recover spare parts that are in perfect condition so that we can be a part of your cost reduction effort.

Other services:

  • Maquiladora Consulting Services
  • Inventory Recuperation Services (Sort & Rework)
  • Quality Control Services
  • Warehousing/Distribution Management

The operations of PROMOTORA MERHEN S.A. de C.V. in the areas of inspection and rework of materials and sub assemble are focused directly on the Maquiladora Industry but we provide our services to any other industry that requires it.

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